The Help Plugin



A global Gate One plugin for providing helpful/useful information to the user.


Displays the Gate One version/credits.

GateOne.Help.addHelpSection(section, title, action[, callback])

Adds help to the Help panel under the given section using the given title. The title will be a link that performs one of the following:

  • If action is a URL, showHelpSection() will be called to load the content at that URL.
  • If action is a DOM node it will be displayed to the user (in the help panel).


>>> GateOne.Help.addHelp('Terminal', 'SSH Plugin', '/terminal/ssh/static/help.html');

If a callback is provided it will be called after the action is loaded (i.e. when the user clicks on the link).


Creates the help panel and registers the Shift-F1 (show help) and Ctrl-S (displays helpful message about suspended terminal output) keyboard shortcuts.


Pops up a dialog for first-time users that shows them the basics of Gate One.


Displays the help panel.

GateOne.Help.showHelpSection(helpURL[, callback])

Shows the given help information (helpURL) by sliding out whatever is in the help panel and sliding in the new help text.

If callback is given it will be called after the content is loaded.