Before installing Gate One your system must meet the following requirements:

Requirement Version
Python 2.6+ or 3.2+
Tornado Framework 2.2+


If using Python 2.6 you'll need to install the ordereddict module: sudo pip install ordereddict or you can download it here. As of Python 2.7 OrderedDict was added to the collections module in the standard library.

The following commands can be used to verify which version of each are installed:

user@modern-host:~ $ python -V
Python 2.7.2+
user@modern-host:~ $ python -c "import tornado; print(tornado.version)"
user@modern-host:~ $

Addditionally, if you wish to use Kerberos/Active Directory authentication you'll need the python-kerberos module. On most systems both Tornado and the Kerberos module can be installed with via a single command:

user@modern-host:~ $ sudo pip install tornado kerberos

...or if you have an older operating system:

user@legacy-host:~ $ sudo easy_install tornado kerberos


The use of pip is recommended. See if you don't have it.